Weight loss withou exercise and any type of strict diet
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weight loss


About weight loss If you think that only strict dieting or straving your self and many type of boring Exercises can give you best body shape so and you can easily do weight loss then you are absolutely worng because for weight loss you have to be smart about your food that you can eat your favourite food and satisfied your self.Thats the truth that with the help of only clean food wont give you best results beside that it will increase your hunger and because of hunger there are more chance about food carvings and that all process gives us bad eating habbits so after so many things,many type of exercises, hundred types of dieting won't give you the result thats why those types of dieting or eating plans are not good for your health or mind becsuse if you believe ones that diet or exercise wont give you results then you will frustat very easily so you have to stop this type of bad ideas for get a good shape and understand your need about food after that weight loss will take place.This is very importent that you love your food and enjoy to eat that because food is our besic need and if you will not enjoy your food and eat your daily Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner is very irritating for you so whether you got your dream body shape but that wont be stable because once you will return on your previous eating plans you get fat agin.so the point is choose the right way of eating thats very importent otherwise you cant get results.There are so many myth about weight loss in the market and supplement companys are spreading these myths day by day that how much weight loss is heard but truth is also another side that is not much harder it is a consistency game you have to be regular about what you are doing for that if you are not consistent for your workouts or your diet and your eating habits then weight loss will be so hard for you and if you are thinking that there is a short cut for ripped body shape then agin you are totally wrong you have to be patient for results its not 1 one or two weeks process where you can achieve your goals it will take some time some week or some months but when you get some results then your mind will be sure for your dream body shape.so stop believing on myths about weight loss and start believing in yourself that you can consistent in daily routine than weight loss will take place 100% and after that your whole life wil be change and weight loss wont be difficult for you and you dont need any special exercises or supplements for results.so you can learn how to eat in a right way in my program EAT FAVORITE FOOD AND GET IN SHAPE..

Q - How this program works because we believe that exercise and strict diet both are very important for weight loss...?

A - There are so many myths about fat loss.people only focus on exercise not on diet they don't know what they are eating & believe me in the end of the day or week only this will matters that you are eating enough or not (more or too much less both habits are your enemies)so we believe only on nutrition its not about clean food because you cant get rid of your belly by eating clean food.Many people have done that but didn't get the results...so eating in a calorie deficit (eat less from your maintenance calories) is the most important thing beside any other thing and we focus on that.you will get you diet chart on a daily basis.you dont have to eat same food everyday & also thats not possible because we have a social life also and strict diet is not necessary.we also know that exercise is also very important but what to do if you have no time for exercise in your routine ya that's true if you are doing exercise your results will be more effective but dont worry if you cant do exercise you will get the results.All you have to do is you should focus more on your eating.You don't have to stop eating your favorite food you can have them..thats the best part of this program.

Q - Is that true that in this program we have to eat same food everyday,we can't eat outside,we have to avoid oily food completely & eat boil-food daily and follow a strict Diet chat for WEIGHT LOSS...?

A - No because we believe that following all these things you can't get your dream body shape..you don't need to eat same food everyday & its not possible.you can eat outside(but you have to understand the importance of quality food) & you can enjoy your food but daily habit of eating outside is a not good everyone knows that so you can eat outside and enjoy your social life.You don need to stop oily food completely you can have them also to satisfied your self.

I don't recommend boilfood because its not necessary & one of the biggest problem with that type of food is that when we are not satisfied with our food or our life the mental health will affect & it will increases our cortisol hormone (our bad hormone) ones that hormone increase that affect our all over health.so food satisfaction is also very important so its not about boilfood & you don't need to follow a strict diet and you can do your weight loss.


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